I'm in my mom's basement. The police informed her that she had been shot through the heart during a robbery at Burger Bar What could their surprises be?? Sparky, Risa, Valentine, and Chester have made their way to Oregon- finally! Streamed 7 months ago 1, views. Meanwhile, Theo and Risa get into mischief when they find a suppose Hemlock entertains Nova Silka his new girlfriend. Here are some updates: first of all, my dad got a blood clot in his left arm which complicates the chemo process. She is shocked to learn that Willow was murdered. New videos coming next week!

  • Sparky, and Risa go to Oregon and make a fun vlog!

    On the way, they meet up with Risa's sister Valentine. In Oregon Vlog #12, Sparky's childhood friend.

    Video: Youtube lpslover oregon vlog Littlest Pet Shop: Oregon Vlog #8 "Deer Watchin'"

    Littlest Pet Shop: Oregon Vlog #3 "Burn, Baby Burn!" by LPSlover. Littlest Pet Shop: Oregon Vlog #4 "Sparky Goes Shopping". by LPSlover.

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    Welcome one and all to the world of LPSlover! Littlest Pet Shop: Oregon Vlog #​35 "Enchanted Forest: Haunted House" - Duration: 9 minutes, 21 seconds.
    Draven's plan brings about a "circle of pain" that The gang go to Oregon again, and it's crazier than ever : Kandy comes this time to join in on the fun.

    Freeyana comes to the rescue by showing Sparky how to brush his teeth! Trinity goes in for an interview with Big Mama to get a job at Burger Barn. Grave Matters Play all Grave Matters is about a 16 year old girl who has the gift to bring the dead back to life, speak to the dead, and some other gifts she will soon discover.

    The story centers on the detective Matilda Jones and her struggles with life in general.

    Together they will go through a lot to bring justice to those who deserve it. They go dumpster diving and hear the cries of some lady for help. Sorry this took so long to come out, but I've been busy with school.

    Hemlock calls Dr.

    images youtube lpslover oregon vlog

    Valkyrie's fairy discovers the key- Valkyrie's

    Ahhhhh this is my th video! What will be her next move? Hopefully school is going well for y'all. To finish my old series and create projects I've planned for years.

    Sparky and Valentine go on a date.

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    LPSlover uploaded a video 1 year ago. Trinity decides to stay up and Subscribe to the official Littlest Pet Shop channel to stay updated with the latest YouTube videos f All music by Kev Find out nex

    Video: Youtube lpslover oregon vlog Littlest Pet Shop: Oregon Vlog #12 "Return to Oregon"


    1. Nova gets the assistance of her daughters Sabina and Orchid to make a potion to celebrate Halloween. If you want to hear from me more often, check out my other channels.