images page view controller didfinishanimating not called for

I just did some testing on this as I was having the page view controller be its own dataSource. Duncan C Duncan C k 15 15 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Troy says:. Mike Williamson says:. May 9, By commenting below, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in our linked Privacy Policy. Anyways, you could use a key inside NSUserDefaults to determine if the tutorial has been shown or not. May 19, Ok, got it all straightened out.

  • te = rootViewController Just spent some time trying to figure out why didFinishAnimating was not called. › questions › uipageviewcontroller-didfinishani. the UIScrollView in UIPageViewController to set delegate: for (UIView *view in ws) { if ([view isKindOfClass:[UIScrollView.
    Currently, however, I am having a bit of an issue with having a Tab, Navigation Controller overlayed on a pageview, pushing out a view controller with a nested tableview.

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    February 15, Hi and thanks again for sharing. Sorry for the delayed response. Maybe this request is outside the scope of your tutorial.

    images page view controller didfinishanimating not called for
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    Does anyone know why this might be happening?

    Chetan Daksh says:.

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    I have also added this to the GitHub repo. Were you able to figure it out? Nick Kohrn says:.

    Called after a gesture-driven transition completes. (void)pageViewController:(​UIPageViewController *)pageViewController a transition that completed (the page was turned) and a transition that the user aborted (the page was not turned)​.

    Called before a gesture-driven transition begins. SDKs. iOS pageViewController:didFinishAnimating:previousViewControllers:​transitionCompleted: Called.

    UIPageViewController didFinishAnimating not called if swiped quickly However, if I scroll too quickly I end up on a page where didFinishAnimating is not called, ViewController, so we can notify UIPageViewController in viewDidAppear().
    I tried multiple options but did not work out. I am going to cover that in my next blog post.

    April 5, That is wonderful news! The function below won't be called. How did you connect the page view controller's delegate outlet?

    images page view controller didfinishanimating not called for
    Page view controller didfinishanimating not called for
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    March 9, Sorry for the delayed response. February 29, Post as a guest Name. Sweet, green is shown, but what about red and blue?

    In UIPageViewController there's this delegate call: pageViewController(_:​didFinishAnimating:previousViewControllers:transitionCompleted:). Now for the fun part–let's create three view controller objects in oard.

    These will eventually be scrolled through in the page view.

    Page view controller didfinishanimating not called dating - Uipageviewcontroller delegate method not called A standard view controller that connects the.
    Thank you Jeff for the great tutorial! Or is user interaction going to be disabled? With storyboards you just set up a container view in IB and connect an embed segue. Thank you in advance. By: Jeff Burt.

    Can you help? Related

    images page view controller didfinishanimating not called for
    Page view controller didfinishanimating not called for
    Thanks again for the tutorial.

    June 15, Here is a link to the commit. Next, inside Main. Unfortunately there seems to be one case, that we can't replace with a counterpart in Pageboy.


    1. It can be a little difficult to wrap my head around sometimes, but I enjoy the challenge; especially when there are awesome tutorials out there, like this one, to back me up.

    2. Mark says:. April 17,

    3. However if you do your own init and set dataSource after calling the super init method the delegate methods are called. It's odd to have a page view controller be it's own data source and delegate.

    4. Darrell says:.

    5. First off, thank you very much for this fabulous resource. Hot Network Questions.