Figure 2 b is a photograph showing an embodiment for the layout of acoustic materials attached to the internal bladder wall of an inflatable article. Ref country code : CY. Pressure and volume control will be outside the operating boundaries for the inflatable articles. These sound spikes would be between 2 and 30 dB above the background spectrum for the non-air gas, but the whole spectrum would be between 2 and 10 dB above the same frequency spectrum analysis if the inflated article had been inflated with air. The invention relates to inflatable devices comprising pneumatic enclosures that are made of one or more layers of film or sheet elastomeric or plastic or stretch plastic materials and that are surrounded by the atmospheric gas at atmospheric pressure of The use of lower inflation pressures significantly reduces inflation cycle time because the ball's internal pressure becomes closer to the external pressure metering chamber pressure. The article of claim 3 wherein the low permeability gas is sulfur hexafluoride.

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  • availability and safety over a long-term operational life. ball operators and stem cap (ROV or diver High output torque, suitable for any ball and check valve. These tools range in size from 2” bore through to 36” bore and used in water The other is the Long Term Pressure Cap, which uses an Optima connector and a. enabling project viability and helping you meet a range of functionality.

    Long-​Term Pressure Cap Specifications. Item. Description. Seal. MTM.
    It has been determined, however, that during manufacture of the inflatable article, acoustic pads tend to become detached from the bladder wall because of differential stretch between the foam and the rubber during inflation. Pressure and flooding caps are fitted with test ports via hot stab connections for seal testing purposes.

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    During these undulations the gas is expanding and compressing and incrementally releasing potential energy as bursts of momentum of the ball. In a preferred embodiment, the compressible inflation gas of the invention comprises sulfur hexafluoride SF 6 gas in combination with air.

    In particular, it has been found that the addition of acoustic material to the interior surface of the membrane walls effectively reduces the noise produced by the large molecular, low permeability gas. In a preferred process, first, there must be a base condition with no gas or air in the inflatable article's enclosed chamber.

    The large molecules' net potential energy change is zero since they are counterbalanced by the materials' compressive strength in the chamber walls, its membrane layers and any outer casing that exists over the membranes.

    In addition the plug portion is preferably shaped to form a seal surface inside the valve passageway by creating a seal surface that is perpendicular to the axis of the length of the passageway. The first percussion firearm produced for the US military was the percussion carbine version c. They would include various elastomeric foams, fibers, fiber windings, fibrils, non- woven fibril patches, hollow spheres, cork, plastic bubble packs and aerogels.

    The Power of Black Powder Revolvers Black Powder vs. Substitutes

    Further, and perhaps more importantly, the solution of Reed disrupts the symmetry of the inflatable article, in Reed's case, a tennis ball. Downloads Looking for brochures,flyers and other available product or company literature?

    One of the most common questions I get, is which cap & ball revolver.

    but Tutt lived long enough to run up to the courtyard portico before actually dying. You have to be able to do that every time, and do it under pressure. 4. How to Order. Specifying PBV® Flanged Floating Ball Valve Figure Numbers Cap. WCB. LCC. CF8M.

    3. Ball.

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    ASTM A CF8M. 4. Stem. ASTM A 5. Gland . We invest in long term relationships and cooperate on product. In that brief span of time, percussion aka cap and ball revolvers entered our imagination. I haven't been around nearly as long as many cap and.
    Caps are used in cartridgesgrenadesrocket-propelled grenades and rescue flares.

    Pressure and volume control will be outside the operating boundaries for the inflatable articles. It is preferred that appropriate internal ball conditions for inflation are present that present a ball with an internal pressure that is less than or equal to the current atmospheric pressure.

    It is known in the art that the use of large molecule gases either alone or in combination with air or other gases improves pressure retention in inflatable articles. This does not happen to the same extent with an air-filled ball, which loses some energy as heat during the less efficient energy conversions during the short period of undulations.

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    The overall symmetry and ball performance characteristics are maintained. The increased noise is derived from the improved efficiency of energy conversion as well as the sound reverberation or reinforcement in both the lower and higher frequency ranges.

    Preferably, the beveled protruding profile 16 is shaped to form a snug fit within the recessed aperture 21, this forming a more effective seal surface Country of ref document : AT.

    Instead, it retains the energy so that when the compressive force is released, the energy is available to expand the gas to its original volume. At this point the ball is mechanically ejected from the inflation machine and the valve plug of this invention is inserted into the valve.

    The inflatable articles form enclosures, which are fully inflated to a desired pressure using a gas mixture comprising at least one low permeability gas and the atmospheric gas e.

    The percussion cap, introduced circais a type of single-use ignition device used on Prussian (Dreyse needle gun), which used a long needle to penetrate.

    USSR boobytrap firing device – pressure fuze: victim steps on loose​. In fact, most traditional or conventional game balls lose air over time and fall out. Figure l(a) is a depiction of a preferred embodiment of the valve and the cap. Valve Properties Bronze, Brass, Copper and Iron. Two-Piece Bronze Hose End w/ Cap Ball Valve. lb. CWP assuring long-term industry acceptance.
    While it had a number of problems, it was widely used by the Prussians and other German states in the mid-nineteenth century and was a major factor in the Austro-Prussian War.

    Pressure and flooding caps These are either short term caps that are designed to be full pressure retaining items that use elastomeric seals to seal in the bore, which are used typically for up to 6 months. The other is the Long Term Pressure Cap, which uses an Optima connector and a blind hub equipped with a Duoseal, these can be left permanently installed subsea and they use FOGT proprietary metal to metal sealrings.

    This sequence of inflation, equalization of the ball with the pressure metering chamber and inflation again continues until the ball is measured to be at 9 psig for more than 1 second. This ultimate volume is the volume at which any additional increase in pressure results in relatively no change in internal volume of the bladder.

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    This new steady state pressure can then be used as the process value from which to continue inflation of the ball to the target pressure using an automatic incremental inflation procedure. It is preferred that appropriate internal ball conditions for inflation are present that present a ball with an internal pressure that is less than or equal to the current atmospheric pressure.

    When the cap plug 10 of the invention is fitted into the valve passageway 22 even if the valve seal surfaces were not properly aligned because of residual material or deformation caused by insertion of an inflation device, the inflation pressure of the inflatable articles are not lost because the interference fit 24 and seal faces 30 between the plug and valve body can maintain a seal pressure of up to at least psig and can easily be designed to sustain even higher pressures if desired.

    images long term pressure cap ball

    The hollow in the hammer contained the fragments of the cap if it fragmented, reducing the risk of injury to the firer's eyes. The decibel level of these affected frequencies can make the inflatable articles sound unpleasant, creating a ringing, pinging or otherwise sound that is considered unsuitable for the desired article's use, environment or consumer appeal.

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    Referring now to Figures l aband cthe cap plug 10 preferably comprises a cap 12, a plug 14 and a beveled protruding profile 16 disposed on the plug 14, The cap plug 10 can be made from any plastic, metal or other rigid material, but is preferably made of a flexible material such as rubber. Also, pressure control can be used by incorporating a pressure metering chamber 12 outside the ball 14 see Figure 3.

    Such valves function by means of applying a sealing force derived from an interference fit of the valve body into a tapered or constrained valve housing that focuses circumferential force to the center where the two parallel or slit-cut surfaces of the valve body form the seal face of the valve. Figure 5 is a line graph showing the measurement of increase and release of inflation pressure over time in a process of the invention for achieving equalization to a target mass of gas at 9 psig.


    1. When inflated articles are inflated with a gas mixture other than air for the purpose of providing long term inflation and pressure control of the inflated article, however, they have a tendency to induce a significant change in performance as a result of the gas mixtures' deviation from typical air properties.

    2. Caps are used in cartridgesgrenadesrocket-propelled grenades and rescue flares.

    3. Ref country code : IE. The method of claim 18 wherein step C further comprises the steps of inflating with said gas to a pressure level greater than the target pressure, halting said inflation until pressure within said article is equalized with the metering chamber pressure and repeating said inflation and equalizing steps until the article reaches the target pressure for said article.